Elevate Your Safari Experience by Selecting the Appropriate Safari Accommodation!

 Going on a safari is like stepping into the world of wild animals, where you are going to become one with them. It is a lifetime experience that becomes very hard to forget. Well, trust us, you don’t want to forget the experience at all. However, one crucial decision stands between you and your remarkable experience: selecting the suitable accommodation for your safari.

In the vast expanse of the wilderness, there are different types of accommodations, just like the wildlife out there. From the old-world charm of the tented camps to the luxurious lodges, you will surely get spoilt with the choices available. Today, we will discuss some of the famous accommodation options so that it becomes easier for you to narrow down the best one.

  1. City hotels and guesthouses:

City hotels and guest houses are the best bet if you want travel flexibility. There are so many options to browse through. These accommodations are outside the national parks but close to them and have easy access. The hotels and guesthouses are convenient for those planning to spend one night in a specific location before hopping on to the nest.

  • Why stay at a city hotel or guesthouse?

Since these accommodations are centrally located, you can easily reach the airport on time. When you stay at a hotel, all your needs will be taken care of, along with personalized experiences.

  1. Safari lodges

Generally located on the edge or within the national park, the safari lodges are an ideal choice if you want to experience the rugged beauty of nature. You will get to listen to the wild’s calls and the whooshing sound made by winds when they blow across the tall grass and trees. What works in favour of these lodges is that they blend perfectly with the surroundings, thereby becoming one with the place. They offer first-timers a secure and comfortable experience, ensuring they enjoy their stay in the wild.

  • Why stay at a safari lodge?

Whatever you need, you will find it in the lodge. They offer a five-star experience in the wild. The ranger, guides, and staff will all be there to provide you with the best possible experience. And since the lodge is in the midst of nature, the entire experience is out of this world. Why don’t you check out the game lodges garden route? You will get an idea about what we are suggesting.

  1. Bush camps

If you are looking for an authentic experience without having a connection with the modern world, you should check out the bush camps. Far from the trappings of luxury, the bush camps offer the wild ruggedness you sought. These camps depend on solar power to generate electricity at night, and since they have a rustic look and feel, they mix with the surroundings quickly.

  • Why stay at a bush camp?

Think of dinners around campfires, gazing at the star-lit sky, and listening to the winds passing by, and you will get an idea of the experience you are about to encounter when you stay at a bush camp. This accommodation offers remote and exclusive wilderness exploration that is hard to beat.

Summing it up:

When selecting accommodation, consider all the pros and cons. Remember to take your budget into consideration, along with the kind of experience you are interested in. This will make it easier to shortlist the suitable accommodation for you. Check safari.com to find out the best places to stay.

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