CL gives an update on her official debut in the U.S.

CL gave an update on her progress in the United States. 

Currently, CL is residing in Los Angeles to prepare for her American debut album. In an exclusive interview with Xports News, CL opened up about her challenge in the states.

First, CL said, “I wanted to give myself a new challenge. To be honest, the success of it isn’t that important. I just want to make a path for K-Pop (in the Western market).”

She shared, “I’m going back and forth between Korea and LA and continuously working on music production. I’m working my best to continuously communicate with producers and music affiliates to perfect an outcome that is most CL-like.”

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CL added, “I’m processing everything according to the American system. And I’m trying hard to put CL’s color in it. I really feel like I’m back to being a trainee and I’m living in the U.S. with that mindset. The system and culture are all different from Korea. I’m learning a lot while running into each thing myself.”

Next, CL talked about collaborations with various pop artists. She explained, “Fun productions became possible as I developed relationships with various pop stars. Nothing is confirmed yet but I’m planning it out in varying ways. Refreshing and creative collaborations are always exciting.” She also said, “I’m preparing songs with talented, famous producers in the U.S. I think they perceived my passion for music in a positive way. It’s great because we become each other’s inspiration.”

CL also opened up about going solo without 2NE1 members. She said, “It’s overwhelming because I’m not 2NE1 but on my own now. I get lonely often because I was always with my members but now I’m by myself. There is pressure on how I need to do better but in another way, I feel more accomplished after achieving my goals.” She then added, “We can no longer be together but I hope all the members are healthy and amazingly promote on their own. I’m always cheering on for them.”

Lastly, CL shared her goals for the year. She said, “One of the goals I really want to achieve this year is promotions in the U.S. I want to repay the love to the fans who’ve always waited and encouraged me. I’ll spend a busy 2018 in Korea and U.S. Please look forward to it.”

Source : allkpop

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