Popular Rock Band from new Zealand releases their sizzling new single “Cheap Cologne” (Radio Edit)

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, the four-piece alternative rock band named Calm Before has an innovative sound that is quite charming to purists of the genre. Calm Before’s newest single titled Cheap Cologne is a riveting testimony of the band’s unique sound.

Cheap Cologne is an upbeat rock track with an enthralling musical landscape. The track begins with a psychedelic groove embellished by a symphony of rhythmic and lead guitars. This exchange in instrumental conversation lasts for about a minute before the vocals begin.


Cheap Cologne’s intense energy is further enhanced by the track’s exceptional percussion and rigorous bassline, which culminates into an awesome drop that tampers off into a handsome guitar solo.

Jay, the lead singer casts a guttural vocal performance that works exceptionally well with Cheap Cologne’s gritty melody. Charged by an invigorating anthem and chorus on the hook that reveals

“there ain’t never been nothing like me before,”

Calm Before leaves a stormy impression of melody upon our minds that is equally creative and entertaining!

“Cheap Cologne” (radio edit) The First Single off Calm Before‘s Debut Album GLACIERS available for pre-order May 17th, 2019, Release date May 24th, 2019

For more infos, please visit : https://www.facebook.com/CalmBeforeBand/



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