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Anything of value comes with an Owner’s Manual to identify features: automobiles, phones, and all electronics; as well as LIFE. With over twenty years of research & study, conscious application, and successful navigation using the LTD formula; Aligned with my Sumerian lineage & native Aramaic tongue which allows for an organic discernment of these powerful ancient teachings, I was urged to go public & share this ancient knowledge to Empower humanity through Scientific Faith. The LTD algorithm is a tried and ancient formula used by spiritual teachers, yogis, and philosophers throughout history, as well as renowned artists worldwide – discovering your identity, will not only help you navigate through this maze called life & realize your dreams but more importantly, begin living the purposeful life you’re meant to live. ~Shamon – @Shamon_LTD know more, please visit:

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Humanitarian Awareness section interview by Anissa with Mentor and Founder of Scientific Faith Pump It Up Magazine – December 2021 – Vol.6 – Issue 12

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