4 Things To Consider When Choosing Stall Bars

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Equip your home gym with versatile equipment that supports you as you build strength and flexibility. Stall bars are a simple apparatus that works well with a variety of exercise methods. Find out four things to consider when choosing stall bars.

Weight Capacity and Rung Spacing

You’ll want stall bars that can support your weight and accommodate your foot and hand placement. Check the manufacturer’s information about the weight capacity and rung spacing of any stall bars you consider.

The number of rungs and the space between them will limit or allow you to move efficiently between positions. Don’t forget to make sure the pull-up bar has enough space from the ladder for you to hang comfortably.


Once you know the stall bars can support your weight and positions, choose the stall bar material. When deciding between wood and metal stall bars, consider the importance of grip.

Metal bars are more difficult to get a firm grip on. And as you perspire, you might find it even harder to hold on. If you’re doing hanging workouts from the stall bars, this detail might matter more than any other consideration when considering the material.

Stall Bar Placement

Another thing to consider when choosing stall bars is where you’ll place your apparatus. Do you want to install it indoors or outdoors? Metal stall bars have a higher durability rating and will withstand the elements better than wooden stall bars. If you’re placing wooden stall bars outside, put them underneath a covered structure.

Inside your home, see if you’d prefer to mount the stall bars to a wall or get a freestanding ladder. Before deciding, check the manufacturer’s information to make sure your wall can hold the stall bars securely.

Round or Oval Rungs

Finally, choose between round or oval rungs. Round rungs provide an even grip for all hand positions, including if you perform inversions.

If you have a weaker grip strength or want to use the stall bars for scoliosis therapy, oval rungs will be better. Oval rungs also have a more comfortable grip for hanging.


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