Winter Fashion Tips For 2022



Now that we are getting into the colder months of the year it is about time to grab those comfy sweaters and wooly hats out of the wardrobe once more and make the most of wrapping up in comfy layers for the next few months. If you are looking for some ways to be more fashionable in the winter months and really show off your unique style, here are some classic winter fashion tips you can take advantage of this year. 


Wear boots 


Boots don’t just have to be a convenient and comfortable item of clothing during the winter, they can also be a great fashion piece. For example you could be wearing a pair of high heeled chelsea boots with skinny jeans and a comfy knit for a classic casual look; or perhaps some black over-the-knee boots with a bodycon dress for an evening outfit. Boots come in all shapes and sizes and can be super handy tips. 


Play with classic style 


Think of the flapper dresses with sequins in the twenties… the stunning puffy skirts and top from the 50’s and the classic Audrey Hepburn style from the 60’s… winter is always the best time to play around with these styles because it is often party season and a time you spend celebrating almost everything in your life. Try an iconic style this month and you will fall in love instantly. 


Bright colours 


As you will often notice in the stores over the course of a year, different seasons will introduce different colour schemes such as pastel in the spring and warm, earthy tones in autumn. The beauty of winter is that the colours we use for this season are bright reds, greens, blues and purples. It is all about using those classic gemstone colours and showing off vibrancy in our style. Pairing bright colours with a classic pair of Trends Jeans is the perfect way to show off your style in 2022. 


Choose white 


White is literally the colour of winter, and while the ice and snow rain down over the landscape it can be the ideal time for you to wear a white dress or white jumper to convey some feeling of elegance and class in this cold climate. White clothing is simple and it is classical in nature which is exactly what you want in the winter to compliment the crazy patterns and decorations of the festive period. 


Layer up 


The easiest and perhaps the most comfortable way to stay fashionable during the winter is often to simple layer up in different items. For example on a cold day you could be wearing a vest under a flannel shirt under a cardigan or a leather jacket. Layering up is simple ad an effective way to look and feel fashionable every single day. You can layer with vests, shirts, button downs, cardigans and jumpers to create an effortlessly fashionable look. Finish off with a simple pair of jeans and some boots and you have a complete outfit for the winter.

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