Interview With Mitchell Coleman Jr.

  1. What is it about bass guitar that appeal so much to you?

It is just something about being in control of the lower frequency.

The way it makes me feel, and how it makes others respond. The bass has always captured my attention. From the Tuba and Baritone horn in school marching bands to hearing Larry Graham Thump thunder out on Graham Central Station. It has always captured my attention and has held a special place in my heart.






  1. Were you entirely self-taught? Who inspired you early on when developing your style?

I was inspired by the Funk Group Slave (Mark Adams) with those deep funk pockets that carried their songs. Later hearing my good friend Greg Carrington in Bloomfield Connecticut kill it on bass. I had to learn how to play, at least that song he was playing. Later another friend Kevin Weaver-Bey, taught me my first song, Just the two of us from the Grover Washington Album Wine Light. That became the wind beneath my wings.




  1. How would you define your sound and style? When did you first realize you have found your own sound?

I am still on this journey of development, but right now my sound is a fusion of funk and jazz. I am taking the raw funk of like the 70’s and 80’s and refining it with some Jazz vibes and for me it makes a nice balance that works for where I am in this time in my life.

I continue to develop and press for growth. Because I am hungry!!





  1. Your debut album “soul searching” was included in the top 5 Billboard. How did that recording and your collaboration with the legendary Motown producer Michael B. Sutton come about?


I was working with Herman (Hollywood) Dawkins on the Soul Searching project in which he did and incredible job.  Later, being introduced to Michael B Sutton, the project was refined and taken to the next level. Under the umbrella of that much talent I found a home with Michael and the Sound of LA









  1. What inspired you to cover the song“Glide” from the group pleasure; I heard that the song Glide by Pleasure is a challenge by bass player, what made you feel you were up for the challenge?


I have always loved this song. It was my bucket list song when I was learning to play bass. And I wanted to show my respect for what the group Pleasure has given.

Also the message is so simple yet direct and impactful. Things will go wrong at times. But just Glide on by it will get better. People need to hear that today, don’t get hung up on the foolishness.





  1. If someone never heard your music, which 5 keywords would you personally use and artists to describe what you and your music is all about?


Fun, Funky, Firey, fusion with a touch of jazz. a discovery of self





  1. What advice do you have for bassist looking to buy their first bass?

It does not matter how much you pay, But how much you dedicate to your craft. Do not look for the sound, but allow the sound to develop from practice, practice , practice.  And remember you will only get out of it what you put in to it.  And I am not talking about money.

Have fun, enjoy seek out inspiration where and when you can find it.

Let the passions manifest, it will be rewarding to the heart later.




  1. What performances, recordings, and/or projects are currently on your horizon that fans should know about?

Right now I am finishing up on the single Glide a remake from the Funk group Pleasure and I am also working on the Dedication Album to my Mother whom was my greatest life cheerleader, she passed from Breast Cancer. It will be a project for healing and growth. It is my way of saying and expressing that she is, and will always be in my heart and will never be forgotten.


May God Bless and Keep you Always











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