H’Atina – New Music Video “Journey” – A Soulful Inspirational Song!

Award-winning soul singer H’Atina has just released her latest track “Journey”. The inspirational song is about the journey of life that we all go through. Every heartbreak, every win, every setback, H’Atina paints a picture of the struggles of life in vivid detail. The track encourages us to push on through the difficult times and embrace who we are. It was written in one day during a spur of inspiration and is to be a part of her up and coming third EP.

The independent artist has been wowing audiences around America for much of her adult life. She landed a place at The Los Angeles County Highschool For The Arts as an aspiring singer and has nurtured her love for music ever since. The artist released her debut EP in 2002, though got caught up in her personal life for a few years after becoming a mother. wife and step-mother. This meant she had to take a hiatus from music for some time. Following a tough divorce, the singer moved back to LA and came back to music with a vengeance. She released her second EP “Like a Butterfly” in 2017.

This time determined to make a name for herself in the music business. She has since shared the stage with a number of top-class acts including The 5th Dimension, Ruben Studdard (American Idol Winner), The Amando Castro Band and Wilton Feldor (of the Jazz Crusaders), just to name a small few. She has also topped the indie souls charts with her #1 hit “My Sunshine”. Her music is enjoyed by countless people around the world and often captures the attention of many modern tastemakers.

Watch Now! H’Atina – New Music Video “Journey” – A Soulful Inspirational Song! And don’t forget to subscribe to her Youtube Channel, and drop a comment!



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