17 January 2019

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Gonna Get Betta | The Stephon Clark Song


“Gonna Get Betta” is a single which was released in relation to the shooting of  Stephon Clark who was confronted by police officers and shot multiple times while being unarmed. This song is quite heart-wrenching placing the listener in an uncormfortable spot of trying to figure out the turmoil that happens to the world around us.

Sadness is a difficult emotion to deal with coupled with pain and suffering. The song is a polished work perceived to illuminate an uplifting theme that whatever loss, helplessness or disappointment that we go through on a daily basis will come to change for the better.

“Gonna Get Betta” is simple, re-styling some elements of soul and hip hop. The record has a political stance indirectly aiming at a subject matter that has been relatively at the forefront of injustice. It provides something familiar yet vital that sounds passionate with a striking pervasive feeling of sadness.

Heartbreaking for one to listen to, “Gonna Get Betta” takes a deep approach of transforming something unfortunate through musical creativity that is unexpected. Sung by a collective group of singers the complexity arises when you look at the record from a producer point-of-view. I don’t think many listeners would be able to picture and relate to how many different vocals have been woven together to form this masterpiece.

If I was thinking properly about how to make an accomplished record then this song would be one to give me inspiration. Soulful and expressive lyrics is what makes “Gonna Get Betta” a remarkable piece of music where you can hear the guitar riffs and piano touches in the background providing a rhythm good enough to support the vocals. The chorus is where things get interesting especially the victorious and warm soprano’s and alto’s sweeping you off your feet.

Tentative at first, the song builds up into this amazing mix of melodies that oozes with boldness leaning towards a more successive performance. At a time when motions about gun laws are hard-pressed on the news, one is sparked by outrage not forgetting the massive protests that are happening nation wide.  What happened to Stephon Clark serves as a distasteful reminder of how police officers tasked with the sole purpose of protecting us are failing us at every turn.

Listening to “Gonna Get Betta” provides us with an atmospheric and ethereal feeling that is of hope imagining of a future where things are going to get better. Rather than fill you with little bits of despair, this song is more delightful with lyrics engaging you in matters you can relate to making the record more so memorable.

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