JAN DALEY – Home For Christmas Heart Warming Christmas Classic With A Touch Of Pop & Jazz

  Jan Daley is a gifted jazz singer with a stunning dynamic range and a really class approach. Her jazz background is a perfect match with the uplifting seasonal Christmas vibes, and her recent release, “Home For Christmas” is a perfect example.

The songs on this album have a very classic vibe, yet, they feels very personable and innovative, due to Jan’s heartfelt rendition. The music on the album is particularly outstanding for its great production value. The sound is absolutely world-class, as every element within the mix is clear and pristine-sounding. The production certainly helps Jan’s naturally stunning vocals to shine through the mix, captivating her audience from start to finish.

This selection of songs include 13 tunes, featuring renditions of classics such as “Silent Night” or “O Holy Night”, just to mention a few. Opening track “I’ll be home for Christmas” is a diverse, direct and forward-thinking track with some really strong melodies and lyrics that are perfectly attuned to the holiday vibes.

The second track, “The Christmas Song”, follows along the same lines, keeping the spirit alive. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” is a really famous song, but Jan’s rendition is really spot-on, standing up tall next to high-profile artists who have attempted this track. The same could be said about “Winter Wonderland”, “O Holy Night”, “White Christmas” and “The Best Gift”, which reveal Jan’s highly skilled vocal performances.

On songs such as “Grown-up Christmas List”, “Can’t give you any answers” or “A Christmas Love Song”, Jan managed to perfectly combine the spirit of the holidays with her phenomenal jazz background, going for a smooth and diverse feel.

The music has a really powerful emotional overtone that would be a perfect addition to your favorite holiday playlist! The tracks on this release have a down-to-earth and diverse tone. One of the most striking features of this particular release is certainly Jan’s unique and spontaneous personality. There are so many performers doing Christmas songs these days. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is putting out their own special Christmas album, single, EP or what have you – and at times, it does sound a little bit uninspiring. While so many artists and performers want to solely take advantage of the holiday seasons just to make a few bucks with the sale of a handful of Christmas tunes that they recorded specifically for the holidays, Jan Daley seems more concerned with delivering a genuine performance on “Home For Christmas”. Her performance have a genuine feel that really makes me think if family and compassion – all of those values that we often associate with the Christmas season, when we get together with family, friends, and with all the people we love the most in this world. Sometimes, Christmas music could end up sounding cynical due to its crass commercialism, but thankfully, this is certainly not the case. Jan is an outstanding, sincere and talented performer and you can certainly experience her beautiful soul through her remarkable work as a singer and artist.

Find out more about Jan Daley and don’t miss out on her recent release, HOME FOR CHRISTMAS : WWW.JANDALEY.COM




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