Getting Your Name Out as a Young Musician

No matter how talented you are, establishing a thriving career as a musician can be a difficult prospect. Breaking in is always the hard part! It’s a crowded market, and a lot of people are competing with you for people’s limited attention and budgets. With these tips under your belt, however, a thriving career can soon be yours.

Get the Demographics

Many young artists try to market too widely, hoping to get every fan possible. While that sounds good on paper, all you actually do is dilute your chances considerably. People love a lot of genres and styles, and many won’t look at other types. So you need to know who really has a chance of being interested in your music.

This could be everything from teens to golden oldies. You may be making royalty-free music that needs to get to the ears of content creators, or you could be aiming for the top of the pop chart. Dig further into what these target markets look like. Find out what they do for fun, how they spend their money, and where they hang out when they’re not listening to music. 

Social platforms offer a ton of tools that can help you gather this data through their metric tracking. Facebook even allows you to create ‘lookalike’ audiences based on people who have already interacted with your music. However you get this data, it is critical you do. This allows you to spend your advertising bucks wisely, and personalize your marketing to the people most likely to respond. More ROI, more success!

Cultivate Fans

No one is easier to market to than people who already love what you do. Sometimes we get so caught up in chasing new fans we forget to keep cultivating our old ones- and they’re also a great source of free marketing, too. 

Here, again, you can leverage social media through engagement and social posting. However, there’s other tricks open to you. Encourage fans to sign to email marketing campaigns so you can offer them personalized and targeted messages that are relevant to them. Sweeten the deal with freebies, discounts, or perks to make it worth their while engaging with your marketing.

You need to strike the right balance between chasing new fans and keeping old ones engaged. Never forget the people who already love you!

Leveraging Socials Without Burnout

Social media marketing and engagement has a lot to help you get your name out there. With tons of marketing tools integrated into the platforms, they can also be used to drive interested parties to other parts of your marketing, too. It could be your website, or even your live shows

However, it’s easy to run in circles if you chase too many options at once. Focus on, at most, 4 platforms that best represent the demographic you have created. Share your music here, but also work on building an emotional connection with your audience. You have a ton of stuff to mine- think conversations around your works, upcoming previews, backstage looks, and sneak peeks. Plenty of non-music related content will keep people busy and interested. Be consistent and regular, and don’t forget how powerful engagement is.

Network Yourself

Everyone working in the music business, from roadies and sound techs to other musicians, can help open doors for you too. Talk to your fans, work your merch table, and make sure to be a musician other people want to work with, too. A bad reputation can tank you quickly.

Getting started as a musician is intimidating, but with slow and steady focus on the business side of your career, you can get the visibility and notice you need.


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