17 January 2019

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Review | For The Mamas | Soul Kings On The Block (S.K.T.B)


“For The Mamas” is a song made by collaborative efforts of Soul Kings On The Block (S.K.T.B), an American R&B group hailing from California. The song is often associated with vocal driven sounds that make the instruments sit back as you listen to the distinctive vocals layered all over the tracks.

The song titled “For The Mamas” offers a more alternative tone, participating in a genre that tends to be reflective of triumph and sorrow. S.K.T.B gives the song a lyrical angle that is keen on glorifying women, being very particular to the people who raised us, our mothers.

“For The Mamas” holds a platform where an unadulterated relationship is professed in a tuneful style served up with lots of love and light. It is easy to forget what our moms have done for us. No matter how big you have grown, we can always rely on our moms to be there for us, whether we need some motivation or a shoulder to cry on. I wonder what this world would have looked like without our beloved mothers. The record is able to touch upon words of wisdom and a good understanding on what our mothers face in every situation.

Like the cosmic soul it profoundly emits, the song is able to sound lush with pockets of ambiance  of high energy hypnosis. “For The Mamas” is a song that is satisfying, highly appreciating the angelic feeling one gets knowing all we know about life is due to our beloved mothers. The lyrics are able to point deep within our hearts inspiring us to be the best we can be as we celebrate all the mothers out there who are our strongest supporters, coaches and even our cheerleaders.

The song is full of tiny details that are rewarding to the keen ear able to awaken you with those hushed melodic vocals that enrich your heart with feelings of joy and excitement. “For The Mamas” is very thrilling knowing that when music is made there is no limitation to what one can do especially with this talented musicians. This group can perform and amaze crowds with a sure bet of filling up a venue that is packed to capacity.


There is so much on this record to enjoy, with the group doing its best to make their vocals sound great, hitting those high notes occasionally showcasing their pitch range capabilities.

However, today there is a stronger presence of creativity in R&B music with solid influences that manipulate sound presenting opportunities for new talents. Kehlani with her single Honey or Mahalia on Sober, you get to see how artists are expanding R&B and Soul music into a more varied style that is increasingly popular.

A major part of what I found appealing about the song “For The Mamas”, seems to be the realization of what music is all about, communicating feelings that resonate in our hearts, if not more so, re-imagining the tremendous efforts of songwriting that makes this song memorable.

Listen to “For The Mamas”


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