21 February 2018

Annika Chambers, Blues Award Nominee | Available February 10th, 2018

Arabian Prince | TOP L.A. DJ

10 December 2016 Pump It Up Magazine 0

Before Arabian Prince officially started recording, he found his way in Los Angeles’ electro movement as one of the first west coast DJ’s to make a name. Arabian met with many ground-breaking musicians such as […]

Calectro | Interview

30 September 2016 Pump It Up Magazine 0

What were some of your first introductions to dance and electronic music? The 90s dancefloor sound with dj bobo, la bouche, dr. alban and the other ones in this generation have affected me a lot. […]

Dj Trotsky

21 May 2016 Pump It Up Magazine 0

David Brownstein (aka DJ Trotsky) is a Los Angeles, CA based songwriter, producer and mixer creating emotionally authentic, harmonically rich pop, electronic, rock and alternative music. Working in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles […]

Jellybean Benitez

11 April 2016 Pump It Up Magazine 0

One of the finest remixers and producers during the post-disco days of the 1980s, Jellybean worked with many pop stars during the decade. Born in the South Bronx in 1959, John Benitez was collecting records […]

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