Humanitarian Awareness

Women-Led Music Organizations You Need To Join

These 5 amazing organizations are taking action to expedite equality and empower women to step up, fight back and support each other to build a better future for all of us. It’s incredibly scary entering an industry with such a large gender gap, but women in all aspects of the industry are building a landscape for the future where this is no longer supported. These badass, women-led organizations are doing the most to do their part in changing the future of the music industry. Check ‘em out. Get involved. Do your part. […]

Behind The Scene

Interview With Cornell “Big Corn”- Radio Host – Smooth Jazz Cafe

Being a lover of smooth Jazz Big Corn happily accepted the position and in February 2020 The Smooth Jazz Cafe was born. Big Corn is very happy to be back on the air with his own show and is quickly gaining a big following. So much so that now The Smooth Jazz Cafe is broadcast simultaneously on 2 internet radio stations. and The Smooth Jazz Cafe airs on Sunday nights at 9pm CST.